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Om meg

About me

I am a 16 year old girl from Skedsmokorset, a place 20 kilometers north of Oslo. I am a student at Edvard Munch high school in Oslo.

I started dancing when I was 7 years old at Studio dance. A couple years later, our trainers decided to move and create their own dance studio, which became 2Dance. Since 2009 iv’e been dancing at 2Dance.

Today I train about 16 to 22 hours a week under the leadership of my coach, choreographer and mentor through out the last 6 years: Jeanette Lühr-Sæthre. My training is in a variety of: classical ballet, basic training (flexibility, strength, conditioning),  modern and jazz(technique), rehearsing the choreographies and variations, and artistic- acrobatics and gymnastics.

I dance Modern/Contemporary, Jazz, Classical ballet, Showdance and Disco. For several years I have also danced Disco Freestyle (disco with acrobatics) and english Freestyle and Slow too.

I started to compete within the IDO (International Dance Organization) when I was eight years old in the following dance styles:
Modern/contemporary, jazz, show dance, disco and disco freestyle (disco with acrobatics).

I have chosen to compete, but my goal is to stand on stage, or to use what i have learned from competing later in life. In the competition I have a panel of judges as well as the audience. It creates additional challenge both on the preparation and to perform. To succeed in a competitive setting gives me confidence and a valuable experience that I transfer further on. But my competition career is limited in time. I think I will compete a few more years; as long as I feel that it helps to increase my skills. When I stop competing, I will devote all my attention to be on stage, or focus on what else I would like to do in life.

Mostly I focus on Modern/Contemporary and Jazz. Classical ballet gives me the necessary basis, Showdance develops my acting skills, while disco increases my explosivity, fitness and gives me a lot of joy. I do not compete in freestyle and slow any more, because i did not have time and energy to compete in so many genres any longer. So I chose to put the freestyle and slow away.

I do solos as well as duos and groups in the 2Dance company.

I was selected into the national team and was allowed to represent
Norway abroad already at the age of 12 years (2012), which also was the year i became a junior dancer, and was allowed to represent.
The following year, 2013 I would say I had my “international breakthrough”.

Last year, 2014, and last year in junior too, I topped the ranking lists in Norway
in all the 5 dancing styles i competed in.

My international results:

World Championships:

  • 3 Gold (jazz and disco)
  • 7 silver (Modern/Contemporary, jazz, show dance and disco)
  • 5 bronze (Modern/Contemporary, jazz and show dance)

European Championships:

  • 7 gold (jazz, show, modern/contemporary)
  • 7 silver (disco, disco freestyle, show, jazz)
  • 3 bronze

Awards and rankings:

  • 2. place in contest “Dance Star 2011”
  • “Newcomer of the Year 2013” – Norwegian dance awards
  • 2013: On top of the ranking lists in jazz, modern and showdance – in the solo devision.
  • 2014: On top of all the 5 ranking lists where I competed in; jazz, modern, showdance, disco and disco freestyle in the solo devision.


If you have any questions please contact me on my FaceBook 🙂